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Of the most important solutions put forward by Qimma company is a system Saqr to track vehicles a product Iraqi sincere hundred percent was developed by the cadres of Iraqi purely a system tried and have proven excellence and success in meeting the requirements of the beneficiaries in addition to supply only feature of the system accurately read the data sent from the tracking devices and showreadings on the monitors in a soft and easy and also enables system Saqr send commands to devices which Athih the mechanism of certain mechanisms that control the machines contain.

Saqr system is a set of hardware and software work to achieve the exchange of data to and from to enable the beneficiary's knowledge and access to a range of alerts and also send orders.

In addition there are applications offered by the company, which operates an online site like Project Management, which benefit from the Directorate of Administration sewers of the Ministry of Municipalities and there is another application for the management of contracts and the application of management personnel, incoming and outgoing, and other diverse applications that run on the Internet.

In general Saqr system consists of three main parts: -

1 - client software: -

Client software contains interfaces simplified as much as possible to facilitate the user to access the data desired by the receipt of data packets cascading through the Service Saqr and thus represented on the map of Google and in the form of small icons move on the map to reflect the location of the vehicle present in addition to the existence of a set of tools and events to regulate the process representation of these such as the arrangement of vehicles in the totals or rename the vehicle, or configure the list of favorite also show or hide a vehicle or send a specific command of the vehicle also track the status documented in addition to issuing various reports concerning working time and velocities and the representation of this data in the form of diagrams simplified in addition to the Jot screen for a visual representation of the direction and speed of the specific vehicle and other miscellaneous benefits.

2 - data exchange service: -

A medium that connects the device between the vehicle and the program is installed as client tracking device sends data to the service and turn based service system rerouted the data to the client software.

2 - Tracking device: -

Prove device inside the vehicle or the wheel for the purpose of monitoring and monitored the movement of the vehicle and also can send certain commands and there are multiple types of wide system supported by Saqr.